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BN-LINK Smart WiFi In-Wall Outlet Switch: Ultimate Control and Convenience for Your Home

In the age of smart technology, homeowners seek innovative ways to control and manage their electrical devices. With the BN-LINK Smart WiFi In-Wall Outlet Switch, you can take control of your home appliances like never before. This advanced device features two individually controlled outlets, a timer function, and seamless compatibility with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Whether you want to control your devices remotely, create customized schedules, or manage each socket separately, the BN-LINK smart outlet switch provides the ultimate control and convenience for your home.

 Control from Anywhere with Smartphone Accessibility

With the BN-LINK Smart WiFi In-Wall Outlet Switch, you have the power to control your smart Wi-Fi outlet from anywhere using your smartphone. Through the user-friendly “BN-LINK Smart” App, you can easily switch your home appliances on or off with just a few taps. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or simply in another room, the convenience of remote control allows you to manage your devices effortlessly. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of controlling your home appliances from the palm of your hand.

Scheduling and Countdown for Automated Device Control

The BN-LINK Smart WiFi In-Wall Outlet Switch empowers you to create customized routines and schedules for automatic device control. With the digital timer switch functionality, you can set specific timers and schedules to turn your devices on or off according to your preferences. Additionally, the countdown feature allows you to set a specific duration for device operation. This level of automation adds convenience and energy efficiency to your daily life, making it easy to manage your devices without manual intervention.

Individual Control and Group Management

The BN-LINK Smart WiFi In-Wall Outlet Switch allows you to manage each socket separately for tailored control. Whether through voice commands or remote scheduling, you have the flexibility to control each outlet independently. Furthermore, in the Alexa app, you can group multiple devices together for easy one-touch management. This feature ensures that every family member can have control over the Wi-Fi power outlet, providing convenience and personalized control options for everyone.


The BN-LINK Smart WiFi In-Wall Outlet Switch offers homeowners ultimate control and convenience for their electrical devices. With smartphone accessibility, you can control your devices from anywhere using the “BN-LINK Smart” App. The scheduling and countdown functionalities enable automated device control, enhancing energy efficiency and simplifying your daily routine. Additionally, the ability to manage each socket separately and group devices for easy management ensures personalized control options for every family member. Upgrade your home with the BN-LINK Smart WiFi In-Wall Outlet Switch and experience the power of digital timer switch and wireless switch capabilities for a more efficient and connected living environment.

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