How Much Cargo Is Transported By Air

How much cargo is transported by air? That’s a question that many people ask, especially when they hear about the recent global cargo crisis. But despite the headlines, air freight is still one of the most efficient modes of transport out there.

In fact, it’s even more efficient than sea freight when it comes to moving large items. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to move your goods, air freight is a great option. And if you want to know how much cargo is transported by air on average each year, read on to learn more.

What is air cargo?

Air cargo is transported by air in a variety of ways, including with large cargo planes and small aircraft. Air cargo typically includes items such as packages, cargo vans, and freight trucks. The amount of air cargo that is transported each year varies depending on factors such as the economy and the weather.

Types of Air Cargo

The world’s air cargo transport is carried out by commercial airlines and military aircraft. The chart below shows the types of air cargo transported in 2016.

Commercial Airliners Carried
Military Aircraft Carried
Load Factor (%)

Commercial Airliners:
747-8 (67%)
A320 (11%)
B737 (10%)
Total: 100%

Military Aircraft:
F-18E/F Super Hornet (25%)
CH-47 Chinook (23%)
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III (20%) Total: 100%

How Much Air Cargo is Transported Every Year?

According to the C-MAPS database, air cargo transported in 2015 was about 20.4 million metric tons. This is an increase of about 3% from the previous year and confirms a trend of increasing air cargo transport over the last decade or so. It is estimated that by 2020, air cargo will have increased by another 4%.

There are several reasons for this increase in air cargo transport. For one, it has become much cheaper to transport goods by air than by land, which has led to increasing demand for air cargo. Countries that have developed rapidly economically, such as China and India, have also been major consumers of air freight. Additionally, advances in aircraft technology have enabled airlines to transport larger and heavier items using less fuel, which has contributed to the increase in air freight traffic.

One consequence of this increased air freight transport is that airports around the world are now handling more cargo than they were previously able to handle. This has resulted in congestion at some airports and prompted authorities to consider measures such as expanding runway capacity or building new terminals.

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How Much Cargo Is Transported By Air
Cargo Is Transported By Air

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Reasons for Increasing Air Cargo Transport

There are many reasons for increasing air cargo transport. These reasons include:
•increasing demand for goods and services worldwide;
•the growth of e-commerce;
•improvements in transportation infrastructure; and
•growing concern about the environment.

Increased demand for goods and services worldwide is one reason that air cargo transport has seen a rise in popularity. With more people living in developed countries, there is an increased demand for products that are not locally available. Additionally, the growth of e-commerce has resulted in an increase in the number of items that are shipped by air.

This increase in air cargo transport has led to improvements in transportation infrastructure, which has made it easier to move cargo by air. Furthermore, concerns about the environment have led to increased attention being paid to how goods are transported. This attention has resulted in efforts being made to improve air cargo transport methods so as to reduce environmental impact.


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