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Discover the Excellence of Jooever Foods’s Bulk Frozen Edamame Beans

Jooever Foods is proud to offer their exceptional IQF Edamame Beans. Sourced from China, these frozen soya beans are of the highest quality and provide a convenient and nutritious addition to any meal. This article highlights the key features of Jooever Foods’s bulk edamame beans, including their origins, specifications, packaging options, and crop seasons. Discover why Jooever Foods’s frozen edamame beans are a top choice for both retail and commercial customers.

Origin and Quality

Jooever Foods selects the finest edamame beans from reputable sources in China. Renowned for their expertise and dedication to quality, Jooever Foods ensures that their frozen soya beans meet the highest standards. These edamame beans are carefully cultivated in China, known for its ideal growing conditions and rich agricultural heritage. By sourcing from this region, Jooever Foods guarantees that their bulk edamame beans are of superior quality and deliver a delightful taste experience.

Variety and Specifications

Jooever Foods offers a range of edamame bean varieties, including 75# and 3#.       These varieties are selected for their exceptional taste and texture, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience. The edamame beans are meticulously processed and individually quick frozen to preserve their natural flavors and nutritional value.  Jooever Foods’s bulk frozen edamame beans are carefully graded to meet specific size specifications. With a maximum of 160 beans per 500 grams, making them easy to handle and prepare.

Crop Season and Availability

Jooever Foods’s frozen edamame beans are available during two crop seasons: May to June and October to November. By aligning with the natural growing cycles, Jooever Foods guarantees the freshness and quality of their product. This seasonal availability ensures that customers receive edamame beans at their peak flavor and nutritional value.


Jooever Foods’s bulk frozen edamame beans offer an exceptional culinary experience. With a meticulous selection process, these soya beans are sourced from China, renowned for its agricultural expertise. The variety and specifications of the beans are optimized for taste and convenience, and the packaging options cater to both commercial and retail customers.

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