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Enhancing Respiratory Pathogen Detection: Tianlong’s 7 Types Multiplex PCR Kit

Acute respiratory tract infections are a prevalent clinical concern, impacting human health and quality of life. Some of the most notorious culprits in this realm include H7N9, H5N1, H1N1 influenza, SARS, and the more recent COVID-19. These pathogens present significant challenges to public health, each requiring distinct treatment strategies due to variations in pathogenicity. In such a scenario, a reliable and efficient PCR detection kit becomes imperative. The Respiratory 7 Types Pathogen Multiplex PCR Detection Kit from Tianlong is designed to tackle this issue head-on, offering a comprehensive solution for the detection and differentiation of various pathogenic infections.

A Vital Tool for Epidemic Control

The Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit from Tianlong is a nucleic acid detection kit that plays a pivotal role in confirming the identity of the virus responsible for respiratory tract infections. This vital information is crucial for effective prevention and treatment measures, enabling the timely diagnosis and management of patients and aiding public healthcare control.

What sets the Tianlong 7 Types Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit apart from the competition?

Internal Control: This kit incorporates an internal control system to effectively prevent false negative results, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your tests.

Global Accessibility: The kit is CE marked, making it accessible for use in a wider range of countries, contributing to global health initiatives.

Synergy with Tianlong Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit: When used in conjunction with Tianlong’s nucleic acid extraction kit, it enhances the accuracy of your experiments, ensuring your results are both precise and trustworthy.

Guidelines for Talent and Consensus

Tianlong places a high emphasis on ability, attitude, and quality when it comes to talent. Their internal consensus centers around a digital mindset, a result-oriented approach, reflective thinking, and collaborative efforts. They maintain a serious, fast, and committed style of operation and uphold behaviors that are compliant, efficient, and resolute.


In conclusion, the Respiratory 7 Types Pathogen Multiplex PCR Detection Kit from Tianlong, with its internal control system, global accessibility, and synergistic benefits, stands as an essential tool for identifying and managing respiratory tract infections. In a world where precise diagnosis is crucial, Tianlong’s commitment to excellence and their mission to create a healthier world through molecular diagnostics make them a global leader in this vital field. Trust in their products, and you’ll be contributing to better healthcare for all.

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