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Introducing the Mamba Strobe Light Bar by Light Sky, a powerful lighting solution designed to elevate your visual experiences. Light Sky is committed to delivering innovative and high-quality lighting products, and the Mamba Strobe Light Bar is no exception. With its exceptional control capabilities and impressive features, the Mamba is the perfect choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Illuminate your surroundings with stunning strobe effects and take your lighting displays to the next level with Light Sky’s Mamba Strobe Light Bar.

Versatile Control Options for Seamless Integration

The Mamba Strobe Light Bar offers versatile control options, making it compatible with various systems and setups. It supports multiple channel modes, including the standard 19CH and extended 64CH modes, providing extensive control over the lighting parameters. With support for DMX512, RDM, and ART-NET control protocols, the Mamba seamlessly integrates into your existing lighting infrastructure. The light also features a range of connectors, including RJ45, 3-pin, and 5-pin inputs and outputs, ensuring compatibility with different signal interfaces. The LCD Lattice screen provides a clear and intuitive interface for easy control and monitoring.

Intelligent Software and Precise Pan/Tilt Movement

Light Sky’s Mamba Strobe Light Bar offers intelligent software features that enhance its functionality. The light supports software upgrades through both DMX signal interface and USB interface, ensuring that you can stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements and features. Additionally, the Mamba incorporates intelligent temperature control, which helps maintain optimal operating conditions and ensures a long lifespan for the LED. The pan/tilt movement of the Mamba is smooth and precise, with a tilt movement range of 185° and 16-bit precision. This allows for accurate positioning and dynamic movement, adding depth and excitement to your lighting displays.


Light Sky‘s Mamba Strobe Light Bar is the ultimate choice for those seeking stunning strobe effects and precise control over their lighting displays. With its versatile control options, including support for various channel modes and control protocols, the Mamba seamlessly integrates into any setup. The intelligent software features, such as software upgrade capabilities and temperature control, ensure optimal performance and longevity. The precise pan/tilt movement adds a dynamic element to your lighting designs, allowing you to create captivating visuals. Light up the scene and leave a lasting impression with Light Sky’s Mamba Strobe Light Bar. Experience the power and versatility of this exceptional lighting solution and take your lighting displays to new heights.

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