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SmallRig Heavy-Duty Fluid Head Tripod AD-01 3751: Enhanced Flexibility and Height Adjustment for Seamless Filming

SmallRig presents the Heavy-Duty Fluid Head Tripod AD-01 3751, a versatile tool that combines the functionalities of a camera tripod and a camera stabilizer. Designed to meet the needs of professional videographers and filmmakers, this tripod offers enhanced flexibility and height adjustment for seamless filming experiences. SmallRig, a trusted brand in camera accessories, prioritizes user-friendly design and stability.

Extensible and User-Friendly Design

The SmallRig AD-01 3751 features a 3-section extender, allowing for flexible height adjustments to accommodate different shooting scenarios. Whether you need a low-angle shot or an elevated perspective, this tripod provides the versatility to achieve your desired camera height. The user-friendly quick-release flip-lock mechanism ensures easy setup and takedown, saving you valuable time during your filming sessions.

Leveling and Stability

Achieve precise leveling with the built-in bubble level of the SmallRig AD-01 3751. This convenient feature allows you to ensure your frames are perfectly aligned, eliminating the need for tedious adjustments in post-production. The tripod’s 75mm bowl base provides stable and balanced positioning, giving you the confidence to capture steady shots and smooth movements. Say goodbye to shaky footage and embrace a reliable platform for your creative endeavors.

SmallRig: Your Partner in Seamless Filming

SmallRig has established a strong reputation as a reliable brand in the camera accessories industry. With the AD-01 3751, SmallRig continues to prioritize user satisfaction and innovative design. SmallRig understands the importance of enhanced flexibility and stability to elevate your filming experience.

Seamless Filming Experiences

The SmallRig Heavy-Duty Fluid Head Tripod AD-01 3751 empowers you to achieve seamless filming experiences with its enhanced flexibility and height adjustment capabilities. Whether you’re shooting with LED cob lighting for a well-lit scene or using it as a travel tripod for on-the-go filmmaking, this tripod accommodates your needs. SmallRig ensures that your focus remains on capturing breathtaking footage, allowing you to tell compelling stories through your lens.


Immerse yourself in the flawless blend of enhanced flexibility and precise height adjustment with the SmallRig Heavy-Duty Fluid Head Tripod AD-01 3751. SmallRig’s unwavering commitment to user-friendly design and unwavering stability takes center stage in this tripod, featuring a 3-section extender for seamless height adjustments and a built-in bubble level for effortless frame alignment. Place your trust in SmallRig as your dedicated partner in achieving seamless filming experiences, allowing you to channel your energy into your creative vision. Embark on a cinematic journey like never before with the SmallRig AD-01 3751 and unlock an array of new possibilities that will revolutionize your visual storytelling.

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