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UWB vs Bluetooth: A Comparative Analysis for Location Tracking – Blueiot’s Expert Insights

Location tracking and positioning can be achieved through different wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth AoA (Angle of Arrival) and UWB (Ultra Wide Band). Blueiot, a trusted name in advanced location tracking solutions, presents an expert analysis comparing UWB and Bluetooth, helping businesses understand the distinctions between the two and make informed decisions regarding their tracking requirements.

Bluetooth AoA: Accurate and Cost-Effective Tracking Solution

Bluetooth AoA utilizes angle of arrival measurements to accurately determine the location of Bluetooth devices. This technology offers high accuracy, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging existing Bluetooth infrastructure, businesses can implement Blueiot’s Bluetooth AoA solutions seamlessly. Industries such as warehousing & logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and public security can benefit from Bluetooth AoA’s precise tracking capabilities, optimizing operations and resource utilization.

UWB: Unmatched Precision and Stability for Demanding Environments

UWB technology operates by transmitting narrow pulses across a wide frequency band, enabling unparalleled precision and stability in location tracking. With UWB solutions, businesses gain access to highly accurate and stable tracking capabilities. UWB’s ability to penetrate obstacles and deliver precise location data makes it an optimal choice for industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and power plants. Real-time tracking and precise positioning empower businesses to streamline operations and enhance safety measures.


In conclusion, Bluetooth AoA and UWB are two wireless technologies that offer distinct advantages for location tracking. Bluetooth AoA provides accurate and cost-effective tracking, leveraging existing Bluetooth infrastructure. On the other hand, UWB offers unmatched precision and stability, making it ideal for demanding environments. Blueiot’s expertise in Bluetooth AoA ensures that businesses can select the most suitable technology for their tracking needs, enabling improved productivity, optimized operations, and enhanced safety measures.

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